Right of withdrawal

A consumer* may return their goods bought in the online shop www.dd24store.eu within 14 days after receipt of the goods pursuant to Clause 19 of the Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia Regulation on Distance Contracts. At the same time, it should be taken into account that pursuant to the eleventh part of Section 12 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia: "The consumer shall be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods." 

Therefore, please note that within a period for the exercise of the right of withdrawal the consumer has the right to use their goods insofar as required to check the goods (insofar as this could be done prior to acquiring the goods in an ordinary shop). Within the period of exercise of the right of withdrawal the consumer is responsible for the use of the goods in excess of the norms foreseen for the purpose of checking the goods and not conforming with the principle of good faith, and for the reduction of value, quality and safety of the goods.

Therefore, LLC Darba aizsardzības administrācija Latvia reserves the right to bring a civil action in court against the consumer in order to reimburse for losses related to the reduction of value, quality and safety of the goods, including where the goods are not returned in their original packaging, or it is evident that the goods were used not carefully, e.g. availability of scrapes or similar defects. If it is possible to check the goods only tearing or otherwise damaging their original packaging, the damaged packaging may not serve as a basis for bringing a civil action in court against the consumer. In this case, we ask the consumer to retain packaging and to return it together with the goods as the packaging bears the serial number of the goods. To exercise the right of withdrawal as fast as possible, please open the packaging of the goods with utmost care. Labor protection instructions, sets of goods with batteries (power supply elements), personalized items, as well as goods related to personal hygiene are not accepted back.

You can view all the cases where the right of withdrawal may not be exercised HERE.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, please contact LLC DD24store, 82-1A Miera Street, Riga, LV-1013, tel.: +371 67338876  e-mail: dd24@dd24store.eu
For the purpose of the refund procedure, please fill out a withdrawal form and submit it to the service provider in person or by mail.

Withdrawal form 
If you exercise the right of withdrawal, the sum of money paid for the goods is returned to the settlement account within14 days at the latest from the date of receipt of a notice on the exercise of the right of withdrawal. 
The goods to be returned shall be delivered to the office of LLC DD24store, without delay and within 14 days at the latest after notifying of a decision to withdraw from a distance contract. 
The consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of goods within the time period for the exercise of the right of withdrawal (including complete and flawless preservation of packaging). 
The goods to be returned shall be complete (with all accessories, which were inside the packaging – cables, etc.). If the goods were bought during a sales campaign together with any other goods, a complete set of the goods (i.e. all goods) shall be returned. 

* - consumer — a natural person, who expresses an intention to acquire, acquires or could acquire or use goods or services for the purpose other than economic or professional activity.