Receipt of goods


Receipt at the point of removal of the DD24 store;

 - free of charge

How to get to us:



Delivery at the specified address by courier:

The exact delivery charge will be calculated in the final step of the purchase and will depend on the total weight and delivery location of the parcel.

Weight of the item Latvia * Estonia, 
Lithuania **
Sweden, Finland ***
līdz 0.5 kg

5.45 - 9.90

5.90 - 25,50


līdz 3 kg 5.45 - 9.90 5.90 - 30.50 9.99
līdz 5 kg 5.45 - 9.90

6.15 - 31.50


līdz 10 kg

5.25 - 8.00

7.00 - 37.00


līdz 20 kg

6.90 - 9.80

10.00 - 40.00


līdz 31.5kg

9.15 - 12.75

14.60 - 44.60


līdz 50 kg

13,15 - 17.14

21.25 - 51.35


līdz 75 kg

14,00 - 19.35

27.90 - 57.90


līdz 100 kg

17,75 - 24.50

48.95 - 57.90


* If the total weight of the consignment is up to 30 kg, the courier shall unload the consignment and carry it to the Buyer/Recipient until the first safe place in the room.
* If one of the packages of the consignment weighs between 30 kg and 80 kg (e.g. large-size goods), the courier will only help the Buyer/Recipient to unload the consignment from the car, but will not help to carry it to the desired location.
IMPORTANT: Such consignments are carried only by means of goods transport and are landed only by means of this technique at the address indicated by the consignee. The consignee must guarantee the conditions for the truck to be able to drive up to the consignee's desired place of unloading, otherwise the cargo will not be delivered.
Delivery only in working days until 18:00


Omniva pickup points:

Delivery fee: 
Latvia, Estonia, Lithiania: 3.49 EUR

Terms of dispatch:
Find the most convenient OMNIVA pakomate in the receiving address when you complete the order.
The maximum weight of the product - 30 kg;
Product size limits (width x height) - 38 x 64 x 39 cm;
When the item you have ordered is delivered to the receiving point of Omniva, you will receive an SMS message with the code to be entered in the accompanying document.
The order must be removed within 7 days. If the goods have not been withdrawn from the supplier's normal term, the goods shall be returned to the office, a penalty fee shall be charged for the withdrawal of the goods, in the amount of the delivery fee.

List of comers:


Delivery of goods to DPD Pickup Points:

Delivery fee: 
Latvia : 5,49 EUR
Estonia, Lithiania: 9.99 EUR

Terms of dispatch:
Find the most convenient DPD Pickup point in the receiving address when you complete the order.
The maximum weight of the product - 20 kg;
Item size limits (width x height) - 36 x 43 x 60 cm;
When the item you have ordered is delivered at the designated DPD pick up point, you will receive an SMS message with the code to be entered in the accompanying or janosed by the customer specialist.
It is noted that some Pickup points do not work in 00-24 mode when designing the consignment clarify the working time of Pickup Point.
The order must be removed within 7 days. If the goods have not been withdrawn from the supplier's normal term, the goods shall be returned to the office, a penalty fee shall be charged for the withdrawal of the goods, in the amount of the delivery fee.
List of comers:



Receipt of goods by electronic means:

For a specific product group (- labour protection instructions), the e-mail address indicated by the customer is indicated, the product description is indicated in the format - within 1 working days, after receipt of the payment.

- getting the item free of charge.




The customer will be informed electronically by e-mail or/and SMS times when the item is received.