Payment for goods

The following types of payment can be settled with us:

1) through a bank transfer;

2) when making an online payment with   (except American Express) or by bank link method;

3) in cash or with    (except American Express) receiving item DD24 at the withdrawal point in MieraStreet 82, Riga


How to shop? Nothing complicated!

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Meet the goods we offer.
Choose what you want.
When you've decided to ADD a button TO YOUR BASKET
To the right of the page, inspect your shopping basket and, if you're fine, press TO DESIGN AN ORDER.
If you want to press the “+” mark on more than one copy in the product basket at the specified number of items, if you want to delete the item or you want to reduce the quantity of the item, press “-”.
If you are a registered customer, fill in the fields that apply to a registered customer, if not, the fields that apply to unregistered customers. We start registering as registered customers receive discounts and special prices for monthly and weekly items.
When you press THE BUY button, we receive your order, an invoice is sent to you after processing the order.
The invoice will contain the number of our bank account to which you must transfer the price value of the item that you have selected on the invoice.
The deadline for payment of the advance invoice is 5 days.
The goods may be paid online or in cash, or the goods received with a billing card at the DD24 withdrawal point.
The item is delivered after receipt of the invoice.
After you have received bills, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the order and agree on the most convenient delivery time or other options for you.
The items for which e-delivery is intended are sent to the e-mail address specified on the order.
The prices of the goods are included in Value Added Tax.
The cost of delivery of goods is not included in the price.